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SAP Integration with non SAP Systems - 4 options


SAP Integration with non SAP Systems - 4 options

Posted by Mark Newman on 29-May-2018 08:56:00
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SAP Middleware SAP Process Integration (PI) or SAP Process Orchestration (PO):

SAP Process Integration and Process Orchestration middleware provides excellent on-premise integration between legacy systems and SAP applications. However, SAP middleware is heavily reliant on specialist developers to develop and maintain systems as they grow in complexity. As business needs change, there can be an impact on the integration points of the relevant software.

Knowledge of SAP alone is not enough in order to create robust integrated solutions. Developers also need to understand the applications that they are integrating with - which means that your existing SAP developers may not have the necessary knowledge or skills. 

3rd Party Middleware:

Third party middleware can be on-premise or cloud-based and essentially offers SAP integration with non SAP systems and applications. A major drawback with 3rd party middleware, however, is that it doesn’t provide integration between non-SAP applications and the full suite of SAP solutions. As a foundation to building more integrated systems, 3rd party middleware acts as a tool kit for developers, but still falls short of providing a true end to end business solution, and still leaves much of the work to SAP integration specialist teams or external consultants.

Direct Connections:

In the absence of middleware, building specific connectors can expose businesses to a wider set of external factors that undermine their attempts at integration. For example, changes to software platforms will almost certainly “break” connectors, taking much of the control away from developers.


The MATRIX platform is designed to bypass the challenges of building truly integrated software platforms. The solution negates the need for in-house development teams by providing out-of-the-box SAP connectivity across a wide range of industry-leading software platforms. MATRIX radically reduces software on-boarding by giving businesses a comprehensive cloud-based integration service from migration, implementation and beyond.

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